A higher tire speed rating means better handling and control when traveling faster. Speed ratings are designated by a letter, ranging from A to Z. These ratings. Tire speed rating tells you the maximum service speed for a tire. A speed rating isn't, however, a recommendation to exceed speed limits, and doesn't. A speed rating isn't, however, a recommendation to exceed speed limits, and doesn't indicate how well a tire handles or corners. The speed rating tells you the. Tires will not be allowed without some form of load rating documentation whether it is on the tire or on an appropriate data sheet. Tire Sidewall Information. Unsure what your tire's speed rating is? The tire speed rating system was developed to test tires' performance under standardized speeds.

Simply stated, the Speed Rating of a tire is the maximum operating speed that the tire can sustain for a specified period of time. This rating is the result of. You can also possibly find the speed rating of your vehicle on the sidewall of your tire at the end of the tire size. As an example: if your tire size is "/. Once the highest speed rating a tire could have, “V” used to represent a maximum of mph ( kph) or more. Nowadays, it means mph but no higher. A W speed rating means the tires would have cleared speed testing for speeds touching up to mph ( km/h). These tires are all-season tires and they are. Exceeding that speed will make the tire performance differ from the initial specifications. This may lead to anything from temporary traction loss to rapid. A T rating indicates the tire is approved for speeds up to mph ( km/h) under optimal conditions. T ratings are most associated with standard touring. Understand tire speed ratings and tread life with this helpful chart from the experts at BFGoodrich. Tire Speed Index Chart ; U · Up to mph ; H · Up to mph ; V · Up to mph ; W · Up to mph. Speed ratings are designed to tell you how fast a tire is designed to go while still handling well. If you exceed your tire's speed rating, you'll notice. When replacing tires it's important to keep many factors in mind. Speed rating is one of those. Learn what speed ratings mean on tires here. *This refers to tires that have a maximum speed capability above KM/H ( mph). 'Z' may appear in the size designation. Tires that have a maximum speed.

Safety. Manufacturers recommend tires with a specific speed rating based on the way your vehicle was engineered to drive. When you change the speed rating, it. A tire's certified speed rating is given a letter from A to Z, ranging from 5km/h (3mph) to above km/h ( mph). To find the speed rating your vehicle's manufacturer recommends for your tires, look in your owner's manual. The actual speed rating of the tires currently. The tire speed rating is listed at the very end of the service description and it's indicated by a letter, A through Y. The following chart breaks down one of. Each "letter" speed rating corresponds to a specific maximum speed. You can see from the table below, an "S" speed-rated tire has a fixed maximum speed of 82S is that last piece of code, with the S indicating the speed rating. In this case, the S indicates that your tires can handle up to mph. (Just remember. The speed rating, also called the performance rating, indicates the max speed your tires can safely maintain over time. View our speed rating chart and what. Speed rating tells you the speed the tire can safely maintain over time. Learn all you need to know about choosing the right tire rating and use our handy. Common Tire Speed Ratings: What Do They Mean? · H: MPH · V: MPH · W: MPH · Y: MPH · Z: +.

This is a numerical code that indicates the maximum load that a tire can carry at the speed indicated by its speed index in the conditions of use specified by. The speed rating is a measure of what speed the tire can safely maintain for sustained periods of time. A higher speed rating will generally indicate that you. Tire speed rating is the maximum speed a tire can handle and it's not necessarily always the same as the maximum speed of the car. Learn more about speed. If a listed speed rating contains two letters (such as VR), the first letter represents the speed rating and the second letter (R) indicates that it is a radial. The speed rating system for tires uses letters from A to Z, with higher letters corresponding to higher speeds. However, there are some quirks in the system.

The speed symbol is made up of a single letter or an "A" and a number. It indicates the maximum speed at which the tire can carry a load corresponding to. Speed Rating Chart · T: Up to MPH · H: Up to MPH · V: Up to MPH · W: Up to MPH. The. What this tire speed rating ensures is that the tire can sustain the maximum speed specified for an indefinite duration. This means that a tire with a V-rating. S and T – Each of these tires are most commonly found on family vehicles like sedans and minivans and the max recommended speed is and MPH. The 98H at the end represents the service description. The service description is composed of the load index and the speed rating. The load index would be Ratings can start from as low as B, indicating 31MPH up to Z which can reach speeds of MPH for specialist performance tyres used in racing. Speed ratings are. Most Common Speed Ratings for Tires · M and N: The maximum speeds for these two ratings are 81 and 87 MPH respectively; this is typical of your average spare.

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