Special Fixed Rate CDs ; Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Opens Dialog. % ; Relationship Interest Rate Opens Dialog. % ; Footnote 3 · %. The Financial Partners Credit Union 8-Month Certificate Special pays the highest CD rate overall. You can earn % APY on an 8-month CD if you meet certain. Best CD Rates by Bank. Ally Bank CD Rates · Barclays CD Rates · Capital One CD Rates · Marcus by Goldman Sachs CD Rates · TIAA Bank CD Rates · See More CD Rates. Best CD Rates & Savings Rates ; Valley Direct, 3 Year CD, % ; Ameriprise Bank, 6 Month CD, % ; BAC Florida, 1 Year CD, % ; TAB Bank, 4 Year CD, %. The Financial Partners Credit Union 8-Month Certificate Special pays the highest CD rate overall. You can earn % APY on an 8-month CD if you meet certain.

Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts usually pay you a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account. Compare CD types and rates to get started. By putting aside money for a set period of time, you can earn higher interest rates and reach your savings goals more quickly. And with CD terms ranging from. Top CD Rates Today: April 19, | % Remains Highest APY Across Terms. Explore the top CD rates today and learn how economic trends can affect your rate. Explore Citi CD interest rates for fixed rate, step up and no penalty CDs. Then apply for the CD that meets your needs. Member FDIC. Personal CD Rates ; 7 month, %, % ; 8 month, %, % ; 1 year, %, % ; 15 month, %, %. Regardless of what type of CD you're looking for, Synchrony Bank has you covered—you'll have a choice between traditional CDs, a bump-up CD, and a no-penalty CD. Highest current CD rates (overall) ; %, 2 years, $1, ; %, 12 months, Contact institution for details. Ally Bank: % APY on a month Select CD through June 19, ; Capital One: % APY on a month Special CD at % APY. Once the original term matures. Long-term, CD interest rates beat traditional savings rates. · Interest rates are fixed for the entire CD term. · There's no charge to open and no maintenance.

With a Fixed Term CD, you can choose the term that works best for you. See rates for different term options and open a Fixed CD account online today. First Internet Bank ranks high on my list of institutions with the best CDs due to its long history of offering top rates on terms from. FDIC-Insured Certificates of Deposit Rates ; month, N/A ; 3-year, % ; 4-year, % ; 5-year, %. 's Best CD Rates - Editors' Picks ; 3-year CD, Emigrant Bank CD, % ; 5-year CD, BMO Bank CD, % ; Jumbo CD, TotalBank CD, % ; No-Penalty CD, Climate. The highest yield is an impressive % APY on the 12 month option. There are no maintenance fees that could possibly drag down your earnings, which are. Current Rates: ; TERM, INTEREST, APY ; 3 Months, %, % ; 6 Months, %, % ; 9 Months, %, %. Fidelity offers a 5-year brokered CD at %. By then interest rates will have dropped. Compare the best CD interest rates across thousands of banks and credit unions. Find the highest CD yields and open an account today. A certificate of deposit typically earns higher interest than a traditional savings account. View Bank of America CD rates and account options.

Jumbo Fixed Rate CDs by Term. Nex Bank currently offers the best 1 year Jumbo CD, with an APY of %, one of the best on the market regardless of CD type. As expected for Jumbo. Monthly Rate Cap Information as of April 15, ; Interest Checking, , ; Money Market, , ; 1 month CD, , ; 3 month CD, , Certificates earn more than most high interest savings accounts in Texas; Our CD terms are tiered to hold the best bank or credit union CD rates. Open Your. Deposit at least $ within 10 days of opening your CD to receive the highest published interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) we offer for your CD's.

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