Chemistry Careers: Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary · Laboratory Assistant. Researchers and scientists rely on the assistance of lab assistants to. Chemists are involved in making products safer, better, and less expensive. They develop ways to monitor natural and man-made chemicals in the environment, and. What jobs can you get with an undergraduate Chemistry degree? · analytical, formulation, medicinal or process chemist · chemical or geochemical engineer. Agricultural Chemist (See “Chemist”) ; Air Pollution Monitor (See “Chemical Technician”) ; Brewmaster Alberta: N/A Canada: $50, (Canada) United States: N/A. Biochemists use scientific methods to test novel research ideas, develop new products and develop new processes. Biochemists typically work in research.

Possible careers in Chemistry include food chemists Analytical Chemists use their knowledge of chemistry chemical compounds for use as drugs. By applying. What can you do with a Chemistry degree? ; Chemists, %, $1, ; Chemical Technicians, %, $ ; Environmental Science and Protection Technicians. What Can I Do With An Undergraduate Degree In Chemistry? · Chemist · Quality Control Chemist · Laboratory Technician · Technical Sales Representative · Chemical and. High Paying Chemistry Jobs · Medicinal Chemist · Wet Chemistry Analyst · Chemical Process Engineer · Research Chemist · Formulation Chemist · Chemical Engineer · Lab. Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, etc.: Many students use chemistry degrees as a stepping stone to a variety of health professional schools. Chemists become writers, managers, consultants, laboratory technicians—the list is long and diverse. Chemists and chemical engineers earn competitive salaries. Chemistry offers a wide array of career paths in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, environmental science, materials science, forensics.

Chemical scientists are developing solutions to society's biggest challenges. You could help develop a life-saving vaccine. Or invent a new way to cut air. 11 careers in chemistry · 1. Chemical technician · 2. Agricultural scientist · 3. Forensic chemist · 4. Environmental scientist · 5. Chemistry teacher · 6. Biochemist. Careers in chemistry · Analytical Chemist · Accountant/ Auditor · Chemical Engineer · Chemical Development Engineer · Lecturer · Environmental Chemist · Forensic. Sales, Marketing & Management: Can involve selling raw chemical materials, finished products, or equipment to clients as well as providing on-site testing. Job options · Academic researcher · Analytical chemist · Biotechnologist · Clinical scientist, biochemistry · Colour technologist · Crime scene investigator · Forensic. Related careers · Microbiologist · Food scientist · Laboratory technician · Chemical engineer · Forensic scientist. What can you do with a chemistry degree? ; Health & Safety Process Chemistry Biotechnology ; Chemistry & the Law Human Resources Forensics Environmental Chemistry. Food Scientist · Brewmaster · Exploration Geophycisist · Chemist · Laboratory Manager · Hazardous Waste Management Technologist / Chemist · Chemical Engineering Tech. Mastery of chemistry is associated with excellent analytical and mathematical skills. Students of chemistry are able to solve problems and think things through.

Careers in chemistry A to Z · Head of chemistry and teacher · Secondary school science teacher · Tax accountant · Teaching technical specialist · Toxicologist. Chemistry careers in research Chemistry graduates have much scope to use their knowledge in a range of research sectors, including roles within chemical. Possible careers in Chemistry include food chemists Analytical Chemists use their knowledge of chemistry chemical compounds for use as drugs. By applying. A patent attorney with a background in chemistry is valuable to a company that deals with chemicals or chemical processes. Pharmaceutical/chemical sales. If you.

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